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Frankie has a 'Degu' which is a kind of... em... animal. She is a great communicator with humans as well.  

Frankie is a graduate of the Jo Cox Women in Leadership Programme and continues to support 50/50 representation of women at all levels of government.

She has worked on a range of local and national issues including the Save Leith Walk Campaign; using Community Right to Buy legislation; voter registration and Violence Against Women and Girls.

She has worked in education with support for learning, adult residential care, dementia charities and a range of women's organisations within the political spectrum. She is a delegate to the Scottish Policy Forum.

She is also a member of the Amnesty LGBT Network, the Living Rent campaign and the GMB Union.

We are delighted that Frankie has now come on board 'The Blue Eyed Lassie Bus' and will be coordinating 
our range of activities for Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 - and she is looking forward to catching up with some old friends and making some new ones. 

To connect with Frankie drop her a line at: [email protected] 

Trish trained with TheatreWorks and at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama - now the RCS. She has worked extensively in Theatre, Television and Film throughout a substantial career. 

Trish also wrote and performed in Art Crime for the Edinburgh Fringe 2003. Co-directed and developed The Taper and the Sun by Alicia Devine. And featured in many television comedies and dramas including Still Game (BBC), Inspector Rebus (STV), Taggart (STV),
Rab C. Nesbitt (BBC), Terri McIntyre (BBC), The Darien Venture (BBC), High Road (STV).

Trish appeared in the films Sunshine on Leith, Up There, Perfect Sense, Small Love and Sunset Song. 

Trish is also an accomplished theatre actor and appeared in productions of The Gates for Glasgay, Macbeth and Bard in the Botanics for The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Loving BurnsHome for The National Theatre of Scotland, The Lost Ones for Vanishing Point, Othello for Blue Lion, Molly’s Collar and Tie for The Tron Theatre & tour, Heart of Darkness  for The Arches, Oedipus Complex for Arches, Breadmakers for Cottier Theatre & tour, Crawling from the Wreckage for The Toronto Fringe, Glasgow Hard Tickets for Cottier & tour.

Trish is also a singer and has sung in many bands throughout the years, on backing vocals and lead in Pop, Rock and Folk. She also worked and toured with Perfect Chaos Puppet Company and has worked in Educational and Corporate Roleplay throughout her extensive career.

Trish will play Jean Armour Burns in Blue Eyed Lassie's production of The Secret Sex Life of Robert Burns. She is also the Assistant Director and Script Editor of this show.

Jennifer Walker is a UK based actor, filmmaker and theatre producer from Leith, Edinburgh. Jennifer trained in theatre performance at PASS, Edinburgh College and completed her degree in Contemporary Screen Acting at UWS, all by the age of 20.


Jennifer is currently working professionally in theatre and screen. She is passionate about using comedy and satire in her work and, earlier this year, produced, wrote, directed and starred in short mockumentary, Aiden.


Theatre roles include Nurse Rosie in Sinatra: The Final Curtain, Lori Mimi in And Then, Ensemble in The End of the World – directed by the veteran theatre director, Andy Arnold - and she also played various roles in The Celebrity directed by Scott Johnston, along with various parts in Brecht’s Fear and Misery of The Third Reich, Lisette de Courval in The Guid Sisters, Strophe in Phaedre’s Love, Milly/Doreen in Confusions, Paula in Shopping for Underwear, Jenny in The Wee Man, Mandy in Aidan – which she also directed, Femme Fatale in Swing, Tammi in Little Green Bag

Jennifer is also a founder and co-director of Crimson Clan, a production company dedicated to discussing body issues, relationships and stereotypes through comedy, theatre and film. Crimson Clan's play, Mine Ain Fowk, produced, co-directed and starred in by Jennifer, will debut in April 2016 at The Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh. Mine Ain Fowk looks at contemporary female friendships and the impact that the 2014 Scottish referendum had upon families and friends.


Jennifer plays Margaret Cameron, Jenny Clow, The Police Officer and one of the Villagers in The Secret Sex Life of Robert Burns She is also in charge of Costume and Make-up for this production along with the graphics and various other production roles.


Heather is a dedicated actor. She trained at Reid Kerr Collage, graduating in 2008 and has appeared in a range of theatre, film, radio, street and education projects. She is also a competent singer, guitarist, percussionist and songwriter as well as being a photographic model. She also runs a theatre production company, Colour It In, with her husband, Martin Haddow.


She has appeared in a range of short films as Kobus in The Corpse Road; Teri Fox in Realm of Darkness; Cathy Drummond in Trained to Kill; the title role in Mara; Doris Martina in Flux; Sophie in The Book Keepers; Thelma and Catrina in Duplicity; Ceilia in The Glass Wall; Cult Female in Agley; Toria in Four Funerals and a Wedding; Jane in Frank; Kirsty in A Birthday Surprise; Mary-Sue in One Tanned Hide. Heather is currently in production for a full feature for The Corpse Road.

Stage roles include Grace in The Graduettes; Gem in Assending Branches; Carla in Finger of God; Karen and Lisa in Nothing Personal – which she also produced; Isa in Men Should Weep; The Fool in Wyrd Sisters; Gloria in Best of All Possible Worlds; Lucilius in Caesar; Polly in Just Good Friends, Mother, Lucy and Doctor Do in The Door; Beth in Will B; Louise in Another Rroad; Various in The Big Picnic.

Heather also loves panto and has appeared as The Dark Fairy Sleeping Beauty.

She has also appeared in BBC Scotland’s long-running soap, River City as an Art Student and has appeared in a range of commercials, events, promotional videos, workshops, educational theatre projects and musical videos.


Heather will play Elizabeth Paton, Anna Park and one of the Villagers in The Secret Sex Life of Robert Burns


Tam is a Malaria survivor after years at sea, working in remote locations across the Globe including Malaysia, Korea, India and - drum roll... Great Yarmouth.

He has now settled on the beach and has come on board The Blue Eyed Lassie ship, to crack the Cat-O-Nine-Tails to ensure the company avoids any icebergs.

He has previously worked as Stage-Hand and Props manager for several theatre companies, and has stepped in in an understudy capacity on occasion when actors were 'otherwise engaged' in the Long Boat.